Knowledge Base

Enhance Team Knowledge

Ever wondered about why there is inter departmental tension within an organization? Why don’t they fit into each other? Why don’t they collaborate? Well!! Let me solve this baffling puzzle for you. The individuals of other departments are unaware of terminologies, jargons and slangs of that particular organization. Due to such issues the environment of departments with each other is often non ideal. To solve such issues we have developed module in Linked to Work which is called knowledge Base. Grasped an idea yet? Knowledge base includes all the terminologies, jargons and slangs that people need to know about. The information will be feed by every department and this way a cultural harmony and a sense of understanding is developed. With knowledge base one can enhance its knowledge even about his own work or terminologies …. So having a knowledge base in an organization is quite healthy and imperative as it increases an employee’s comfortability within an organization. And as we know when employee is satisfied the organization grows exponentially.