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Linked To Work is designed to meet the routined collaboration necessary in an organization where communication and Project management is an ardous and paramount Task. Linked To Work enable the organization to monitor every miniscule detail about the ongoing Projects.


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Fewer Unwanted Messages

With LinkedToWork you will only recieve messages related to work. Hurdles of memorizing the subjects and the searching the desired subject discussion is not a problem any more.

Increase In Team Management

Linked To Work enables the organization to manage teams exquisitely. With Linked To Work the impediment in organizing and engaging teams is reduced to minimum.

Increase in individual employee performance

With Linked To Work the performance of every individual can be accessed with its continuous monitoring and assement through the modules of the application.

Increase in information sharing

Information and knowledge sharing was never so easy before.All of the slangs and jargons used in the the organization are conveyed easily to all employees of the company.

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Become the part of the growing name in the IT sector of pakistan. We emphasize on proficiency ,reliability and consistency. We Work with dilligence and perseverance to meet the demands and requirement of our clients.