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Place of Impecabble coorperation

Linked To Work is designed to meet the routined collaboration necessary in an organization where communication and Project management is an ardous and paramount Task. Linked To Work enable the organization to monitor every miniscule detail about the ongoing Projects.

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Fewer Unwanted Messages

With LinkedToWork you will only recieve messages related to work. Hurdles of memorizing the subjects and the searching the desired subject discussion is not a problem any more.

Increase In Team Management

Linked To Work enables the organization to manage teams exquisitely. With Linked To Work the impediment in organizing and engaging teams is reduced to minimum.

Increase in individual employee performance

With Linked To Work the performance of every individual can be accessed with its continuous monitoring and assement through the modules of the application.

Increase in information sharing

Information and knowledge sharing was never so easy before.All of the slangs and jargons used in the the organization are conveyed easily to all employees of the company.


Simple & Focused Instant Messaging

Subject oriented conversation, reduce unrelated messages to save time for better things. Subject Based Messages is what required and desired in most organizations focusing on tasks and teams.The need delineates that most employees and organizations want to be precise and concise in terms of their communications.

Knowledge Base

Enhance Team Knowledge

Make team knowledgeable and share knowledge through wikipedia style system.Knowledge Base is like a information storing base. With this feature you can add knowledge about any of the tasks or ongoing projects that may be needed by anyone.This is quite imperative in large organizations where departments have different jargons and slangs.

Task & Project Manager

Accelerate team collaboration & job execution

Accomplish work in better and faster way through structured work flows & Smart monitoring. The Task is monitored through linked to work thoroughly and the assessment is continuously monitored.


Interact and decide comprehensively

This feature allows inter and intra organizational meetings.With this feature of linked to work you do not need to add any other tool to interact with the employees or the client.Linked To work pays quite emphasis on the meetings as they play an imperative role in the success of a project.


Analyze and get to know the opinions

The opinion of others is quite valuable in an organization.With poles in the linked to work the opinion and the progress can be guaged. This is quite important as they contemporary condition of employees and their mindset is very important to the organization.


Built For Oraganizations, Agencies, & Personal Use

LinkedToWork is developed for every field of life whether it is a stand alone business, Organization or any other area of life.

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